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Prym1 Camo® was built as a concealment solution for special operations personnel in any service branch, from armed forces to law enforcement that want to be concealed and blend into their surroundings at all times. Our patterns allow full flexibility of movement through various terrains, by utilizing the depth of colors, shadows and highlights with the organic shapes found on predators in the wild.



​Prym1 Camo® was designed & built on the basis of being a true hybrid camouflage. A concealment system that is truly versatile and adaptive, capable of not only blending, but matching a multitude of environments. By using organic, varying shapes in our patterns (not just dots, hexagons and never straight lines) it helps to achieve a natural concealment with the terrain you are deployed in, creating a camouflage pattern with the effectiveness of an alpha predator.


Prym1® Tactical patterns have been developed for those that want to be concealed and blend into their surroundings at all times, whether on the move or from a hide site. By understanding the rigours of modern operations, military personnel need trust in their camouflage system to be effective in multiple types of terrain within any given environment across a single mission. When your concealment determines your survival, you need a pattern built to adapt to every conceivable environment to help ensure mission success. 

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